05 Jun

Celebrating Father's Day

On Sunday 16th June it’s Fathers Day in the UK.
It’s a day of celebration and remembering fathers in a special way. The day in the UK is always the third Sunday in June.

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16 May

Things to do in May

Most of the UK is experiencing a fantastic May weather wise giving everyone the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. There is no finer place in the world than the UK in May, with our richness of history, unbelievable horticultural and fabulous countryside and coast to enjoy and explore.

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17 Apr

Happy Easter

Easter is a lot more than a time to binge on chocolate bunnies and eggs. It is, of course, an important religious holiday that comes with all types of traditions and customs.

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11 Mar

I Love You Mum!

At the end of this month, it is Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom. It's often known by it's more modern name Mother's Day. Held on the 4th Sunday of lent, usually in the month of March.

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22 Feb

Somerset's Sheepskin

The Slipper Box is situated in the heart of Somerset, amidst the cider and rolling hills. It is the very heart of where the sheepskin industry began. At its height, the area was producing 80% of Europe’s sheepskin with around 2 million skins each year.

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31 Jan

Saint Valentine

Valentine’s Day is the annual festival that celebrates love, friendship and admiration. Every year on the 14th February we celebrate this day by sending messages of love and affection to partners, family and friends. Couples send Valentine’s Day cards, gifts and spend special time together to honour their love for each other.

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03 Jan

Top Tips for a Really Happy 2019

It's that time of the year when most of us spend a little time thinking about the year ahead and planning things we would like to achieve. How often have we made our "list", do we then either fail miserably in the first month or when we get to the end of the year we can't remember what we wanted to achieve! Well, this year let's make happiness our focus both for ourselves, our family and friends. So here are some happy thoughts:

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14 Dec

Christmas Magic!

There's something completely and utterly magical about this time of year, the food, the drink, the get-togethers not to mention the Christmas markets and twinkling lights. Just the thought of it sends me into pure unadulterated bliss!

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05 Nov

Keeping Tiny Toes Warm

From the moment a new baby is born, it is put in a hat and swaddling and placed under a warmer! Many people might say that it's no big deal for a child to move around in a T-shirt and nappy, on hard floors without Slippers or outside on a chilly day with no hat. However, keeping young children's bodies covered and warm is really quite important.

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10 Oct

Why We Are Wool Lovers.

Since the Stone Age wool has been known as one of the most effective weather protectors to man. It's 100% natural and every year sheep will produce a new fleece making it a renewable source, which makes the wool industry a sustainable one for future generations. At the end of its useful life wool can be returned to the soil, where it decomposes and releases valuable nutrients into the ground.

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