A Little Bit of Love

We all need a little bit of love at that moment, probably more so than usual. Valentines Day this year will symbolise something far more than a romantic candle-lit dinner with your partner. I know that I will view Valentine's Day completely different. 

For the singletons out there Valentine's Day will probably be more lonely. As the continuation of social distancing in the UK and across the world restricts how close we can physically get to another person. The idea of walking along city streets in the lamplight, hand in hand will be even more of a fantasy. 

So our thoughts turn to what we can do or get that special someone we want to impress, trying to think of something unique, different, yet safe. Sadly I don't have the answer, but I do have some ideas. 


  • A Phone Call. 

We're so intertwined with social media apps and text messages hiding behind our touchscreen keypads for the rejection we might receive. That we often shy away from physically calling someone up. Because so many people do hide behind a text message. If you are the individual that calls your crush, the impression will be far greater. 

  • Letter/Flowers in Post. 

Kind of an obvious one this one, but the "old fashioned" stamp isn't out of business just yet. When was the last time you got excited about an email? Never, I suspect. But if you've got a handwritten letter through the post, you'd be frantically opening it to see who has sent it to you!

  • An Unexpected Gift


Stop buying chocolates, scented candles and a bunch of red roses. Although classic, it's kind of boring now. Think outside the box and treat them to something like a future weekend away once you're able to. A framed photograph of the first selfie you took together. A pair of slippers... sorry I had to! Or a new outfit, so when you can go out for that romantic dinner, you're both looking sophisticated. 

But whatever you do, whatever you get, know that better times are ahead. So stay safe and tell someone. "I love you".


Happy Valentines,



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