Happy Christmas

One of my favourite times in the run up to Christmas is getting the decorations down from the loft. I certainly don’t enjoy climbing the ladder and pushing up the hatch whilst holding my breath as I poke my head into the chill of the loft. But seeing the boxes of Christmas treasures balanced on a nearby beam is great reward for my short venture.

Dusting off the cardboard warped and fusty from the damp air, all of the decorations are found wrapped in tissues and newspaper. Gently opening each bundle, I find decorations which bring back memories of Christmas past and each decoration tells a story of the history of our family.

The pride of place is a wooden crib, with Mary Joseph and baby Jesus. I have had this in our hall for over 20 years, normally the first decoration to go up and the last to come down.

Venturing deeper into the boxes and very well tissued I discover the gold NOEL and candle sticks, that always bring a wonderful glow to the mantle piece in our lounge. Then a number of boxes containing tree decorations some having been made by our children when at primary school 

Finally a small box containing a glass snow globe that when shaken gives a wonderful effect of falling snow over the angels within.

Christmas is very much a time for memories down the years and of course time spent with family. 

So on behalf of the Slipper Box family I would like to wish all of our customers and their families a wonderful Christmas and a very peaceful 2023.


Jack, John, Suzi & Everyone at The Slipper Box

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