Mums the Word!

On the 14th of March, it is Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom. This is the day where we celebrate our amazing mums!

As the person who brought us into this world, we often have a very special bond. I know I do with my mother. However, during the last year, especially in the UK, we haven’t been able to see our mums as often as we would’ve liked. I think I can speak to most people here, the one thing all of us want to do right now is just give them a hug.

The physical connection between mother and child is one that is impossible to replicate. It’s scientifically proven that a hug releases endorphins that are x30 greater than painkillers, and is one of the most effective forms of release. But right now, for some people a hug is impossible.

While a hug with your mum might have to wait a little bit longer, you can show your love this Mother’s Day with a pair of luxury sheepskin slippers. Our hand-selected range of beautiful slippers will make her feel extra special. Although it might not release the same level of endorphins, they will certainly provide a warm release from the cold evening.

Happy Mothers Day!


(Pic: Jessica by Shepherd of Sweden)

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