'The' Wool Sneaker

Over the past few years, we've seen materials typically used in winter products make appearances in summer styles too. The classic case of these materials is wool. Merino wool to be exact.

Why? Well, wool has many properties and among them, is that it is the most breathable natural material the earth produces. It allows airflow to ventilate your feet when they are hot during the summer months. Because of this manufacturers are designing products that use wool within their footwear ranges. One of those manufacturers is Gottstein.

Here at The Slipper Box, we love Gottstein products, such as the range of Magicfelt wool slippers and the traditional felted wool clogs labelled Stegmann. Last year they launched a new product called Wool Walkers, the go-to, must-have wool sneaker.

The incredibly soft and naturally thermoregulating wool sneaker is ready for anything! It features a removable wool insole and super lightweight white rubber sole that gives you the highest level of comfort when walking.

Felted by the expert craftsmen and women of Gottstein, the sneaker is manufactured in Portugal. With an array of vibrant colours to choose from, including the best-selling Petrol Blue. We know these sneakers are the only ones you'll need this summer!

Link to Wool Walkers

Have a great Summer!


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