The Slipper Box is situated in the heart of Somerset, amidst the cider and rolling hills. It is the very heart of where the sheepskin industry began. At its height, the area was producing 80% of Europe’s sheepskin with around 2 million skins each year.

The story of sheepskins begins in the 1st century AD when Joseph of Arimathea established the first British Church on the site of Glastonbury Abbey. As legend continued over the centuries and the community became synonymous with the tales of King Arthur and the holy grail. King Alfred settled in the area in the 9th century and soon had the largest flock of sheep in England, but it wasn’t just Wessex that was clothing itself in the warm durable hide. Much of the world was too.

Here at the Slipper Box, we are delighted that 70% of the pairs we sell are made within a stone's throw of Glastonbury Tor. This keeps the skills of sheepskin slipper making very much alive, over 1100 years after Alfred the Great was clothing Wessex.

One of the questions we are regularly asked is “can I wear my sheepskin slippers in the summer?” Well, the answer is a resounding “yes, of course, you can” There is a misconception that wearing sheepskin slippers will make your feet hot and sweaty during the summer months. The reality is that sheepskin is probably one of the best materials to have to regulate your temperature. Sheepskin is made from hollow fibres, which means its a material that naturally breathes. When a sheepskin is in contact with human skin it helps regulate steady body temperature. In hot conditions that means the sheepskin absorbs sweat instantly and omits it into the air up to 7 times faster than synthetic materials, which cools you down quicker. But remember you have to wear the sheepskin so it’s touching your own skin.

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