Just 9 years ago I was fortunate enough to meet John Morland the 'last' of the Morland Sheepskin family. Although into his 80’s his passion for sheepskin was still very much alive. We entered into a discussion about sheepskin for the Summer and some of the detail that John spoke about will stay with me forever.

I like most people had believed that sheepskin products were all about the Winter, something that delivered comfort and warmth, but what I hadn’t realised that having sheepskin close to your skin in the summer gives you huge benefits.

So it’s August and recently here in Somerset, we’ve enjoyed some really hot temperatures. When it comes to having suitable materials to keep cool in weather like this, a thick wool sheepskin is probably the last thing on your list! Let’s face it most of us would think of sheepskins as just for cosying up and keeping warm in winter? Well, the reality is that sheepskin actually has the opposite effect in summer and is fabulous for cooling us down, due to its temperature regulating properties.

The fleece of a pure natural sheepskin is made from hollow fibres, which means its a material that naturally breathes. When sheepskin is in direct contact with human skin it helps to regulate steady body temperature because of its breathability. In hot conditions that means the sheepskin will absorb perspiration instantly and then omit it into the air, this it will do up to 7 times faster than a synthetic material, which means you will cool down much quicker. 

John Morland and his team had spent many weeks in desert conditions to gain information to prove this. The secret is that sheepskin has to be worn directly in contact with your skin. So sheepskin slippers worn barefoot or sheepskin rugs, are so good for babies will most definitely keep you cool and supremely comfortable during those hot summer days.

But hey don’t take my word for it pop across to www.theslipperbox.com and enjoy all those wonderful benefits for yourself.