It's very rare that the worlds of fashion and road safety collide; perhaps not the best choice of words! But, now driving shoes are very much in the fashion that's exactly what has happened. This is great news, as far too many drivers are making bad footwear choices.

A recent poll by the AA found it that 29% of respondents had encountered difficulties while driving because of the shoes they were wearing. Just over 5% claiming that their footwear had actually led to them driving dangerously, losing control or having an accident! This means that about 1.8 million drivers could potentially be wearing unsuitable or even dangerous shoes.

Driving can take its toll on your feet and ankles. Wear the right shoes and your feet feel relaxed, your pedal control improves, you can react faster to changes in traffic or road conditions and you can become a smoother driver.

There are 2 main components of good driving shoes the soles and the heels. If your soles are too thick you won't be able to feel the pedals properly, which complicates how much pressure you need to apply. This, in turn, makes breaking and accelerating more abrupt and jerky. Quite apart from the effect it has on your passengers this will do nothing to reduce the wear and tear on your car. So depth and width of the sole are key, a depth of no more than 1 cm and make sure your sole is not excessively wide or overlapping the shoe. The important thing is you can feel the pedals to gauge how much pressure to apply.

Moving on to heels. High heels are a definite no-no. The heel of your foot needs to be on the floor of the car to achieve the correct pedal action, high heels elevate it and distort the ability to measure how much pressure to apply. However, the worst type of footwear for driving is shoes with a platform sole. This is a double whammy of too high a heel and too thick a sole.

Flat sandals such as Flip-flops are also not a good choice as they tend to come off too easily and can get jammed under a pedal or distract a driver while trying to put it back on again.

So what are the safe options? A proper driving shoe has a sole that extends from the underside to the heel, preventing scuffing and aiding grip. The classic driving shoe is a moccasin which is wonderfully soft, thin soled with normally a series of little rubber grooves. Apart from its qualities as a driving shoe, it also looks great inside or outside your car. This makes them easy to store in your car and simply slip them on for driving.

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