Easter is a lot more than a time to binge on chocolate bunnies and eggs. It is, of course, an important religious holiday that comes with all types of traditions and customs.

Over the years some of these practices have been adapted and reinterpreted and we at The Slipper Box feel that the different celebrations-ought to be celebrated by everyone, everywhere. Even if you don’t believe in the Easter Bunny!

We’ve asked a few of our colleagues and customers to share their favourite Easter activities and to create a collection of fun Easter traditions from around the world. Here are just 3.

Kite Flying.
The people in Bermuda’s favourite past time during the Easter holidays is kite flying. Bermudians make their own kites with wooden sticks, colourful paper and intricate designs. Everyone gathers and lets their beautiful constructions fly or go to Horseshoe Bay Beach to attend the annual Kite Festival on Good Friday. There are literally thousands of kites which are flown and make a wonderful sight.

Easter Nest Hiding.
Who doesn’t like to search the house and garden for baskets filled with chocolate!! In Germany and Switzerland, Easter nests are hidden for the children and some adults(why not!).
The nests are actually decorated baskets and boxes that are filled with chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs and small toys. Tradition says that all of these wonderful gifts have been hidden by the Easter bunny. I’ll see bunnies in a whole new light!

Water Fighting!
Few things signify Easter more than a friendly water fight! That’s what people from Poland think as they celebrate “Poured Monday.......the wet festivities take place on Easter Monday”. The tradition is all about throwing lots of water at each other. In the olden days, it was mainly single guys chasing single girls but now it’s pretty much everyone water fighting everyone! The weapons of choice are water guns, empty shampoo and dishwashing soap bottles and of course good old buckets! Unfortunately, not a chocolate bunny in sight so might give this one a miss!

If you have any Easter traditions you would like to share we would love to hear them. But no matter what traditions you will be enjoying, the team at the Slipper Box would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter.