On Sunday 16th June it’s Fathers Day in the UK.
It’s a day of celebration and remembering fathers in a special way. The day in the UK is always the third Sunday in June.

How you celebrate Fathers Day will largely come down to what your Dad likes and what makes him happy! That can mean planning a grand adventure or taking care of some of the chores that your Dad does around the house so Dad can relax.

Dads actually do a lot from helping take care of the house, picking the kids up from school to just being there to listen to your problems. Think about a time your Dad did something for you and see how you can pay him back. It could be something as simple as washing the dishes or mowing the lawn. Here are some simple things you could do for him on “his” day:

Let him sleep in. If your Dad enjoys sleeping in, but normally doesn’t get to, maybe he would appreciate a cup of tea or breakfast in bed.

Wish him a happy Fathers Day. This may seem obvious but acknowledge that it is his day. Also, don’t forget to give him a hug.
Ask him what he would like to do, that might depend on how he’s feeling. Sometimes a quiet day might suit him fine.

Make the day joyful, gifts are great but showing your love and letting him know you’re proud of him and all he does for you, can be the most important factor in celebrating a fantastic Fathers Day.

Get or make your Dad a Fathers Day card. Get him a card that fits his personality, a funny card if he likes a joke or a sentimental one to show your Dad how much he means to you.

Certainly, Fathers Day doesn’t have to be about gifts, but if you are planning to buy him a gift try to get creative and chose something that might be a little unexpected. Maybe make him a meal. If you know his favourite meal plan to cook it for him on Father’s Day.

But whatever you do remember you only have so much time with your Dad and even though your Dad may not be perfect don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy a fabulous time with him.