From the moment a new baby is born, it is put in a hat and swaddling and placed under a warmer! Many people might say that it's no big deal for a child to move around in a T-shirt and nappy, on hard floors without Slippers or outside on a chilly day with no hat. However, keeping young children's bodies covered and warm is really quite important.

When children are not properly warm, energy from food that would otherwise be used for learning, growing and moving is automatically diverted to keeping the internal body core warm. Babies have an accelerated metabolic rate which is often why they don't feel cold themselves. Parents know those icy hands and feet though. Cold hands and feet are the body's way of keeping the essential organs at our core warm enough and their limbs experience this diversion of warm blood to the chest and brain

The best way of keeping your child warm at the extremities is to use natural breathable materials that don't just simply cover but also add insulation.
Wool is by far and away the best natural material to use. Lined wool hats provide all the insulation your baby needs and are significantly sweat reducing than acrylic yarn or microfleece. Wool also wins in the durability department. It should last through years of washing and wearing to pass down to other siblings. So long as they have cared for.

Slippers are an easy way to make sure children are keeping warm at home. Again microfleece and faux fur linings lined slippers make little feet too hot and itchy. Opt for wool socks or particularly wool slippers which will also add a little more protection to babies feet. But always try to involve your little one in picking up their slippers, an important tip for the future!

Finally keeping babies extremities warm is not only good for babies health but of course, babies comfort.

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