Life can get very busy. We've all been guilty of spending a little too long on social media, maybe staying a little too late at work or even staring a little too much at screens; not at the moment of course! Sometimes we just need to switch off, take a step back and get back to nature.

Well, the wearing of sheepskin slippers will enable you to relax in one of the worlds oldest natural material at the same time as helping you to re-energise your body.

Sheepskins have been worn as early as 500 BC. They have been found encasing the feet of a mummy in China and were also used by the ancient Greeks. More recently sheepskin slippers were used by the first team to successfully scale Everest at their rest stops.

But why do people choose to wear sheepskin slippers throughout the year? What is the magic that is sheepskin? Here are some of the secrets...shhh!

1. Sheepskin is ideal for every season, it's a natural insulator, keeping you wonderfully cosy during wintertime and cooling your feet during the summer months.

2. Sheepskin maximises great comfort because it's fantastically soft, and this softness creates a comfortable "blanket" of air that acts as a temperature insulator.

3. Sheepskin will absorb perspiration immediately, it will also evaporate the perspiration into the air 10 times faster than synthetic materials.

4. Sheepskin actually activates the blood circulation. This has the benefit of enhancing relaxation of the body.

5. Sheepskin is simply wonderful to touch, helping to avoid rashes because it contains lanolin a substance similar to which is found in human skin.

6. Sheepskin Slippers are a perfect solution for sore feet and a lot of foot problems including diabetes sufferers.

7. Sheepskin is naturally dirt and bacteria resistant. It has been renown for these attributes since the Middle Ages. The lanolin in natural sheepskin provides it with a self-cleaning quality.

8. But the main benefit is simply the look. Beautifully created sheepskin slippers that can be made with a fantastic array of colours. Slippers that can make a very modern statement or ones that simply ooze traditionality.

Whatever your choice there's nothing like coming home after a hard days work, and slipping your feet into a pair of sumptuous sheepskin slippers. The ultimate, immediate relaxation.

The Slipper Box is a family business set in the shadow of the Glastonbury Tor. Sheepskin slippers started being made near the Glastonbury Abbey in the 7th century. A number of our suppliers are situated within a few metres of the original tannery. To see our fabulous ranges please visit our website whether you're shopping for yourself or looking for some great gift ideas.

Photo credit Shepherd Sheepskin