It's not just about barbecues and pool parties. There really is something magical about summer, whether it's the long evenings spent outside after work or the way the sun streams through the windows in the early morning. No matter where you live, spending time outside does wonder for your soul.
One of my favourite quotes by Albert Einstein is "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." Understanding is having a clear insight into ideas and feelings, when we are mindful of what is most important, we go that extra mile to put ourselves in somebody else's shoes in order to forgive. We treasure knowledge and use our minds to explore what is real and true.

So, with this in mind what typical British activities should we look to enjoy. Well, picnics would be the first on my list, originally only enjoyed by the gentleman when out hunting. Nowadays can be enjoyed by everyone. We all live near parks, the countryside or the seaside and with some lovingly assembled sandwiches, crisps and lemonade allow you to enjoy the benefits of the outside.

We can add to this the enjoyment of a Barbecue. Wander through any British town or village on the first sunny day of summer and you might be forgiven for wondering if there's a serious arson problem as clouds of smoke waft through the air and there is a strong smell of burning wherever you go. A Barbecue might include sausages, chicken or vegetable skewers with halloumi. But the main ingredient as with a picnic is family and friends and the opportunity to talk and enjoy the outside.

Strawberries & Cream The Slipper Box

There are many other opportunities in the summer to indulge in other outdoor pursuits such as Street Parties, visits to the seaside, music festivals and more. But my summer is not complete without enjoying strawberries and clotted cream in the back garden. Strawberries and cream just simply mean summer as does Wimbledon and therefore should be no surprise that during the Wimbledon fortnight over 150,000 portions of strawberries and cream are served every year!

So for this year are we likely to get a better summer, just get outside enjoy the sunshine and appreciate nature.