In just under 2 weeks the country will be witnessing the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In 2011 when Prince William married Kate Middleton there were 50 million viewers watching throughout the UK and the US.

Unmistakably, the fabulous dress will come under the spotlight as will one of the key accessories, that being Meghan's shoes. The style, the colour, the heel height, the toe shape are just some of the features that will be closely scrutinised.

The month of June is one of the most popular months to get married, so if you still need help, these guidelines hopefully will make the difference.

Everyone has different views when it comes to wedding shoes. For some, splashing out on a pair of Jimmy Choo's is totally acceptable; it is your wedding day after all. Others choose to spend less; with a full-length dress, your shoes don't get that much exposure. But however much you want to spend, it is important that you make the right decision.

The colour in relation to your dress is important. Do you want your shoes to match your dress or be a contrasting colour? Remember to ensure that your shoes also compliment your other accessories, such as your bag and your bouquet. Paying attention to subtle details will really enhance your overall look. As a general rule, it is best to team simple shoes with a more elaborate wedding dress, or the other way around. Don't run the risk of your outfit looking too busy, remember less is often more.

Please consider the surfaces you will be walking on, will it be carpeted or on a hard surface? Hard floors can be very slippery especially when wearing new shoes. Ensure you maintain your composure and elegance whilst walking, by gently using some sandpaper to roughen up the soles in advance of the wedding day. This also applies to the dance floor at the reception!

Heel Height
Think about the height of your wedding shoes not just with regards to your balance and comfort but also to your height in relationship to the groom. Some taller brides worry about being taller than their new husband. If this is you, maybe consider lower heels or flats. Every bride needs to remember that she will be wearing her wedding shoes for a considerable amount of time. So, make sure they fit correctly and offer good comfort.

Make sure the shoe fits in with the overall style of your wedding. Open toe strappy shoes can be perfect for a summer wedding, but in winter maybe a closed toe pair of court shoes will look elegant and more appropriate.

Thinking about the future of your shoes. Will you ever wear them again? For many brides, the idea of splashing out on a pair of shoes to wear only the once isn't an option. You could select a beautiful pair of satin shoes from The Rainbow Club, which gives you an opportunity to dye your shoes a colour that enables you to wear them with other outfits on many more occasions.

Top Tip.
Bring your shoes to all dress fittings, not just to match the colour but to check the heel height. This will ensure that the hemline of the dress can be made the right length. Remember that if you are wearing a shorter wedding dress, your shoes will be on constant display giving you a great opportunity to make a truly memorable shoe statement.

Finally, remember to choose a pair of wedding shoes that you love. They will always remind you of your special day and just as with everything else you wear on your wedding day, they should make you feel fabulous.