All About Dad

After all this beautiful weather the UK has had recently, It's strange to see rain falling from the sky! The garden needs it, as my mother keeps telling me. But this month is all about Dad. 

Fathers Day is the 21st of June and will be celebrated throughout the UK and Europe. We celebrate our Dads on the same day as the United States to, unlike Mothers Day which isn't. There is no real reason for that, but I've always found it strange how different countries celebrate these days at different times of the year. Russia, for example, celebrates Fathers Day in February and New Zeland do the same in November.

The cliche saying that Dad is "man of the house", may be true. But Fathers are so much more than that! Being emotional support to their children, introducing them to sports or sitting down going through math papers is something I remember well.

Although Dad's are the hardest person in the world to buy for! They still appreciate that a little something on their special day. This year will be harder to connect with our Dads, especially physically. Although I hope that we are all being responsible with the easing of the COVID-19 measures, that virtual hug on Sunday morning will go a long way.

However you celebrate with Dad, I'm sure you'll take that extra time to recognise just how important he is! To the Dads far and wide... Happy Fathers Day!


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