Fathers Day 2022

fathers day 2022

June is full of celebrations this month, not only do we have the Queen's 70th Platinum Jubliee, but June also holds Fathers Day. On Sunday 19th of June, we celebrate the love for our fathers and the amazing things that do for us.

With the world returning to almost normal, we can see our loved ones more often. That personal interaction has become more meaningful recently and seeing, laughing & hugging our dads is something extra special.

However, I understand that for some, Father's Day is harder, because sadly they are no longer with us. My thoughts are with you on this day, as I can't and wouldn't want to imagine what this feels like. I suppose that's why I always urge you to spend time with your dads as much as possible.

Being an owner of a slipper company on days like Fathers Day, it reminds me of what I set out to achieve with this business. The message I and our amazing sales team get over periods like this is always heartwarming.
Messages of appreciation that the slippers they bought, have arrived on time and their receiver loves them to bits.

We have a new Lamo collection of slippers for Dads this year. Designed in California they represent amazing value with their luxury faux fur linings and durable outdoor soles. Take a look below.


Until next time.


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