It's Boot Season

Boot Season

Autumn is my favourite season. It's the seasons for jumpers, woolly hats and most importantly a good pair of boots. For the small fashionist in me, boots are the footwear I end up buying the most. Apart from slippers of course.

Walking through the parks, woodlands and landscapes of the British isles, at this time of year. The increase in wind speed, decrease in temperature and slight colour change of the leaves, invite you to dig out those pair of boots that have sat at the back of your wardrobe all summer. Expect, a lot of the time, we find them a bit battered and in need of a replacement. Or an excuse for one.

So that's where The Slipper Box can help. We can be your saviour. Shop our sheepskin boots today and get 10% off with 'BOOTS2020'.

I hope you all have a fantastic Autumn!


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