Love is in the Slippers

Wherever you look, shop fronts are coloured red, from rose petals and hearts. It is Valentine's Day very soon. Whilst we all know that one day a year of romance is not enough, a precious gift on that day will probably be very much appreciated. And Valentine's Day is not just for lovers but a day when you show true friends that they really matter.

Here are some reasons why slippers are the perfect Valentine's gift:

Whilst a glorious luxurious gift - everyone loves slippers- they are certainly more romantic than a vacuum cleaner or a shaver.

A beautiful pair of slippers will like your love last and last. So your loved one will still enjoy your Valentine's gift several months or even years from now. Not like that bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates you gave three years ago.

Whenever he/she slips into those slippers you gifted, part of you will be with them. How romantic is that!

A soft pair of slippers to slip your feet into after you get out of bed is a wonderful feeling and luxurious sheepskin slippers will help do just that.
With a huge variety of colour, shapes and sizes available, from a simple suede, to bright pink.

If you’re anything like me, then the recent wet and windy weather in the UK will have you wanting nothing more then getting home and slipping into something warm and welcoming. Slippers are like a perfectly fitting new best friend for your feet as you swap your work shoes for pure luxurious comfort and relax with a hot drink– sheer bliss. I leave mine just inside the door for instant relief what a tonic for tired feet!

For that perfect gift for your loved one on Valentines Day click on to and choose from a selection of simply the best slippers.


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