Magicfelt's Master Craftsmen

Magicfelt's Master Craftsmen

It's dawn, and the sun is rising through the peaks of the Alps touching the tops like a massive fireball. You're watching this daily event through your window, sat comfortably in a pair of merino wool slippers. That's how we like to imagine the craftsmen of the Magicfelt brand start their day. 

Back in 1926, Hans Gottstein founded the company that produced woven fabrics and later, started producing boiled wool and knitted wool textiles. There was a growing demand for high-quality fashion and comfortable slippers. 

Technological advances in wool processing have enabled the brand to become very popular to the European mainland market. Made from natural wool, their slippers have a new interpretation of traditional slippers, simple in shape but rich and beautiful in colour.

Inntal, the valley in Austria where Magicfelt produces its products, use unique craftsmanship techniques pairing old knowledge and timeless design. From the finest merino wool, and washed in the crystal clear water from the mountains. Every pair of slippers is made seamlessly and by an expert craftsman's hand. 

We're proud to offer Magicfelts full range of beautiful colours and styles, which all feature an anatomically shaped sole for perfect comfort. You can view our range of Magicfelts slippers below and sink in your own abyss of comfort every morning.

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