Modern Icons from Shepherd of Sweden


The modern silhouette of today's Shepherd of Sweden range started in 1982. The lifestyle company based in Svenljunga, Shepherd of Sweden tradition emphasises care for every little detail. Working with materials with a natural, timeless and authentic love. 

Producing sheepskin products for over 35 years, Shepherd of Sweden has always taken a handmade with passion approach to their products. The combination of pure Swedish design and craftsmanship results in timeless, beautiful slippers.  

From Anton and Annie, global best-selling double-faced sheepskin bootees, to Tessan and Hugo. The sexy and stylish mules with durable outdoor soles for the modern household. 

Like all the brands we work with, Shepherd of Sweden is another fantastic family run business. Who care deeply about the products they make. The feeling and comfort of a Shepherd of Sweden product is superior to all others. 

Explore the full range below.


Men's - Click Here

Women's - Click Here



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