Stepping into Autumn with Purpose: Donating 600 Pairs of Slippers to Brainwave Charity

(From left to right: Jack - Our Director, Barry & Gary - Brainwave Retail & Logistics Managers)

At The Slipper Box, we believe in the power of warmth, not just for your feet but for people in need. As the autumn leaves begin to fall and a new season dawns upon us, we are excited to share our recent endeavour that warms both feet and souls.

In line with our commitment to giving back to the community, we're elated to announce that we've partnered with Brainwave, a local charity dedicated to helping children with disabilities and additional needs unlock their potential. Together, we've embarked on a heartwarming journey of goodwill and warmth.

This autumn, we had the privilege of donating over 600 pairs of Lamo Footwear slippers to Brainwave. These slippers not only represent dedication to crafting comfort but also our desire to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. 

Our initiative is rooted in the understanding that small acts of kindness can light up the darkest corners. The joy we witnessed as we delivered these slippers was immeasurable, igniting a spirit of togetherness and care for the community we are a part of. Thank you to support of Lamo Footwear who we wouldn't of been able to do this without! You can visit Brainwave website and check out the amazing work they do!

(Suzi - Our Creative Director, John our Buying Director) 

In addition to our charitable efforts, we're excited to introduce our new Lamo Footwear collection for this season. Our latest range is designed to not only keep your feet snug but also make a statement. Explore our curated collection and choose from a variety of styles, including the ever-popular sheepskin slippers, to elevate your autumn fashion game.

You can view the collection here: Mens Lamo AW23 / Womens Lamo AW23

Join us in spreading warmth and happiness as we stride into the new season, embracing change, and making a positive impact on the lives around us. 

Stay tuned for more updates on our initiatives, collections, and heartwarming stories. Together, let's continue to make the world a cosier place, one slipper at a time.



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