Supporting World Heart Day

This month it is world heart day; the 29th to be precise. One of the reasons I founded The Slipper Box was so I could support a charity that has supported me all my life. Little Hearts Matter is the dedicated complex single ventricle children's heart charity.

Registered in 1994 by parents of children who had these complex single ventricle conditions like my own, the charity slowly became the support it is today. It is still 100% funded by public donations and private grants and receives no government-funded resources at all. Without the aid of public, the charity wouldn't be able to support the 3,000 members that so desperately need Little Hearts Matter.

World Heart Day is so important as it recognises these children and young adults that live with some of the rarest heart conditions every day. I was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. A condition where the left ventricle of the heart doesn't develop correctly when inside the womb. Leaving me with half a working heart. The members of Little Hearts Matter's would have gone through a number of open-heart surgeries to give them a quality of life. These surgeries are very dangerous and often sadly, aren't always successful.

We support Little Hearts Matter throughout the year, but for all small charities, 2020 has been very tough. If you'd like to find out more about Little Hearts Matter or World Heart Day, follow the links below.



Little Hearts Matter - Click Here
World Heart Day - Click Here

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