The Isle of Avalon with Draper of Glastonbury

The Isle of Avalon has been known as a legend since the 1100s, with mystical practices and figures. In the present day, it is often recognised as the Glastonbury Tor, where legend has it, to be King Arthur's final resting place.

In the 12th century, the iconic tower was surrounded by marshland before being drained on the Somerset Levels. It wasn't until the 14th century when it was rebuilt from stone, following an earthquake in 1275 which destroyed the original wooden tower. Its formal name, St Michaels Tower, is a grade I listed building managed by the National Trust. Spaning multi-century and ages, the artefacts and findings from across Glastonbury have been profound. Glastonbury itself has an Abbey, an ancient Well and is home to Britain's oldest sheepskin manufacturer.

Draper of Glastonbury was founded in 1937 by Richard Jack Draper. After many years in India and Canada, he had become involved with a 1930s Glastonbury glove maker, Harry Cox. This lead to setting up his own company in 1937. The still family-owned company can date evidence of leather making on the same site from 1888 and, the Glastonbury area itself has been famous for sheepskin since the 12th century when the Glastonbury monks started tanning skins.

The fourth-generation family business has been manufacturing in their Glastonbury factory for over 80 years and is now the oldest sheepskin footwear manufacturer in the United Kingdom. Specialising in luxurious natural products of sheepskin and leather, that provide both warmth and comfort, in traditional English designs. Their handmade footwear takes up to 4 weeks to manufacture, by using only the finest materials available.

Our Draper of Glastonbury range consists of luxury boots and sheepskin slippers. Styles such as Anton and Jane, have been worn by celebrities and other VIP dignitaries for many years. While more contemporary styles such as Shetland and Hugo, carry the brand into the modern-day.

You can view our range of Draper of Glastonbury slippers and boots below.

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