To My Dear Mum

Words can’t describe how much I love our mum. She’s my best friend and the person I always turn to for everything. She’s the most beautiful, strong, loving, smart and fabulous person. She is one person I can laugh so much with that I have tears steaming down my face every time we’re together. I realise that my mother and I don’t have very many photos together from when I was young, because she was the one taking the photo’s and capturing those special moments in life. My mum was quite simply always there.

My mum is so special for so many reasons. She is one of those incredible women who makes things effortless. She has the energy of all of us put together. For mum nothing has ever been impossible. She loves us unconditionally.

Most of us take our mums for granted no matter how old we grow. Our mothers are the guiding force of the family and the ones that glue us all together.
For all of you lucky enough to be with your mother on Mother’s Day, look after her, cherish her and remember all of the sacrifices she has made for us through the years.


Mum love you and god bless you.



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