Which Sheepskin Slider Do You Want!

I hope you're all keeping well and have been enjoying the summer! I want to introducing myself I'm going to start writing to you all. Don't worry, Jack will still have an occasional post here and there, but for the Autumn and Winter months, I'll be sharing some of my stories about suggestions about our latest products. 

Who am I? I'm John, and I'm the Buying Director at The Slipper Box. I help make the decisions on what slippers and shoes to buy depending on the season. 

Today, I want to talk to you about Lamo Footwear. There is nothing better than coming home and slipping your feet into one of our soft and fluffy sliders! Our Lamo range of Californian sliders delivers pure sheepskin heaven. Beneath your feet sits a premium cirrus memory foam footbed which not only supports but also cossets your feet in a fabulous indulgent environment.

So what is a slide? Well, they are slippers that are both Iconic in design and comfort which are perfect to simply slide your feet into. They are open backed and toed to enable you to stroll around your home or simply curl up on your sofa with a good book. Simply put, they’re a must-buy for your me-time.

There are 3 main styles in the Lamo range all made from fabulous Australian sheepskin. The first style is called Serenity which features crossover security and gives such a great look. This trendy and plush slide leaves you feeling like you’re walking on clouds. You “sit” on top of a lovely low profile TPR outsole which gives great grip and flexibility. Serenity is available in a fabulous cream, charcoal and a cool mint.

The second Lamo slider is called Naomi. This style delivers the ultimate warmth and comfort. You’ll certainly receive the relaxation you deserve. An easy slip-on style for all-season wear which features a non-slip durable sole. Naomi is offered in delicate sky blue, luxurious cream and a hot rose!

Finally in our Lamo slider offering is the style, Amelia. This classic toe post style is the fluffiest slider your feet will ever meet. The colour offering in this style is in a neutral slate grey or soft cream. But why not turn up the heat in a show-stopping Rose Pink.

There’s only one problem with all of the slider range, you’ll never want to take them off!

Until the next time,


Lamo Footwear Sheepskin Sliders: https://www.theslipperbox.com/collections/lamo-footwear


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