Why are slippers the perfect Christmas gift?

With Christmas just around the corner, everyone’s wondering what to get for their loved ones. Or just in case they’ve not found the perfect gift for everyone, what to get for the people they haven’t yet found something! We’re here to let you know why you should opt for one of our fabulously comfortable sheepskin or wool slippers as the perfect holiday gift for Christmas.

But, why do slippers make the perfect gift? 


Here are some reasons for Sheepskin Slippers


You’re giving the gift of comfort – Nothing feels better than cosying up with a good book, a cup of tea, and soft slippers on your feet. When you give sheepskin slippers to a friend or family member, you’re telling them that you value their comfort. What a wonderful sentiment!

Sheepskin slippers keep you comfortable year-round – Sheepskin boasts unique properties that help regulate your body temperature. It keeps you cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter. You’re giving a true year-round gift.

They’re perfect for the whole family – We love slippers as gifts because they are ideal for every member of the family. Make your shopping list easier than ever with slippers for men, women, and kids. What a cute idea for a young family, or for a set of siblings!


Here are some reasons for Wool Slippers


They Look Adorable

In case your family enjoys taking Christmas photos every year, wool slippers are a great idea. Maybe you think of wool slippers as homely, but today you can find many options that are stylish, attractive and colourful. So now you can not only have toasty warm feet but also look great at the same time. Take a look at our wonderful range of Shepherds and Magic Felt wool products with prices starting at just £39.00.

Feel Great on Cold Days Indoors

Wool slippers are great for one major reason; they’re super warm! Do you ever come back from outside on a cold day and feel like keeping your shoes on because they’re warm? You can get that feeling with wool slippers; wool is a natural insulator that preserves heat, and it’s breathable too, so you don’t get sweaty feet. 


We at The Slipper Box have the most fantastic array of sheepskin and wool slippers for the whole family. Go and check out our wonderful brands including Shepherds, Vanuba, Just Sheepskin, Stegmann and our fantastic all British moccasins made in a variety of fabulous premium suedes for that very special person in your life.

However you are celebrating this Christmas, can I and the whole team at The Slipper Box wish you a joyous one! 



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