After one of the hottest summers for quite a while, most of us have been counting down the days until we can get our favourite Autumn boots out or perhaps treat yourself to some new ones?

So when exactly is the right time to start wearing boots again? Well, there is no exact date but here are 5 tips for when the time might be right to get your favourite footwear back on.

1. Brisk Air. When you walk out the door and the air is brisk. This is means the weather is changing and by that we mean it's boot season!

2. Falling Leaves. The leaves start to change colour and leaves start to fall. The subtle crunch of fallen leaves underfoot is something we all know the sound of, that when it's time. You hear that wonderful papery sound underfoot, echoing autumn has arrived.

3. Collecting Conkers. When you walk to your car in the morning or heading off on the school run with the kids. Your inner child just wants to pick up the conkers that you see lying about, ready for conker fights!

4. After October 1st. Once October is here, the weather generally becomes more wet and windy. In September you can still get variable temperatures. Normally if you're feeling cold then boot time has arrived!

5. That New Jumpe. Finally, when you've purchased some new Autumn clothes, which are thicker and heavier than your summer outfits, you know the time is right to pull on those boots.

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